Speedometer Cable
Part No. PP.009.001


Hand Brake Cable
Part No. PP.009.002

     -Each car requires 2 Hand Brake Cables (If replacing one it is recommended to replace both for ease and safety)

Clutch Cable
Part No. PP.009.003

Accelerator Cable
Part No. PP.009.004

Front Hood Release w/Knob
Part No. PP.009.005

Engine Compartment Release Cable w/Knob
Part No. PP.009.006

Knobs For Hood/Trunk/Dashboard Vent Cable
Knob For Hood/Trunk/Dashboard Vent Cable, Large (pictured at left)
Part No. PP.009.007

Knob For Hood/Trunk/Dashboard Vent Cable, Small (w/Markings) (pictured at right)
Part No. PP.009.008

Engine Compartment Hold Open Cable
Part No. PP.009.009